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In this episode of "Into the Blue" the crew had a full day of activities and adventures in beautiful Bimini, the Bahamas' western-most island.They spent the day wakeboarding, wakeskating, snorkeling, swimming with stingrays, spearfishing, and exploring the S. In Part 2 of "Into the Blue" the weather had finally caught up to the crew, waking up to a strong wind that made it nearly impossible to find any good water for riding.COMPETITION SITE The lake with Cablepark is located in a small village called Porto Fuori, at 10 minutes by car from Ravenna Centre.Starwake Cablepark is a sport centre too with tennis courts indoor and outdoor swimming pool, soccer court, beach tennis and beach volleyball.Some of us are fortunate enough to have bought our on-water freedom by acquiring a boat.Some of us have the boat-buying bug, but haven't found the perfect ride yet.OFFICIAL HOTEL: HOTEL DEL PARIS The official hotel for all Teams, Officials and E&A Representatives will be the at Lido di Savio (RA), 20km from the competition site.

Cable parks offer a great alternative riding experience for all riders, but beginning and intermediate wakeboarders especially can gain a lot of benefits by giving cable parks a try. Convenience The first thing that sets a trip to the cable park apart from a traditional wake session is how easy it is.

The pair reportedly first met through wakeboarding and gradually became close, which isn't too surprising given that wakeboarding is Soyeon's hobby and Shota is a pro at it.

In light of Soyeon's new relationship, her agency MBK Entertainment has issued out a press release on the matter: We are conveying our official statement regarding the reports of Soyeon’s relationship.

Soyeon and Shota Tezuka have been friends since three years ago.

Around early to mid-August, they began to open their hearts gradually, and are currently at the stage where they are developing from friends [to something more].


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