Android validating sax parser

In order to tell the SAX to check the document for validity a correspodning property of SAX-parser factory should be set to true, like follows: // create new factory is ordinary way: SAXParser Factory factory = SAXParser Instance(); // specifies that the parser produced by this factory will // validate documents as they are parsed.

Many tasks, such as indexing, conversion to other formats, very simple formatting, and the like, can be done that way.

A SAX parser only needs to report each parsing event as it happens, and normally discards almost all of that information once reported (it does, however, keep some things, for example a list of all elements that have not been closed yet, in order to catch later errors such as end-tags in the wrong order).

Thus, the minimum memory required for a SAX parser is proportional to the maximum depth of the XML file (i.e., of the XML tree) and the maximum data involved in a single XML event (such as the name and attributes of a single start-tag, or the content of a processing instruction, etc.). A DOM parser, in contrast, has to build a tree representation of the entire document in memory to begin with, thus using memory that increases with the entire document length.

Other tasks, such as sorting, rearranging sections, getting from a link to its target, looking up information on one element to help process a later one, and the like, require accessing the document structure in complex orders and will be much faster with DOM than with multiple SAX passes.

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