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After joking that producers are "saving the guys" from having to come up with big V-Day plans this year— premiered, critics trashed it and said it would never last.

What did you think of the show's potential back then?

Two years ago, “The Bachelor” showed all the signs of a franchise in a death spiral.

Once a lightning rod for tabloid gossip, parody shows and feminist rage, “The Bachelor” was overshadowed by devious celebreality stunts like VH1’s “Rock of Love” and “Flavor of Love,” which gave audiences all the cleavage and bitchery without the beauty pageant primness and votive candles.

recapping career, I have assigned franchise super host Chris Harrison many imaginary qualities: a fondness for Buzz Feed video recipes, an aversion to costumes, and even body-hiding expertise.

In the name of journalistic integrity, I thought I should finally try to find out some real stuff about the guy—and what better time than ahead of ABC's mega-special celebrating 20 years of the show, which airs this Sunday night?

But never underestimate the tug of romantic fantasy during one of the worst recessions in modern memory.

Last year, “The Bachelor” experienced an unexpected boom, and that was before the shockah of its season finale, in which single dad Jason Mesnick proposed to one woman, only to take it back in the finale (he recently married the runner-up, Molly Malaney).

He makes goofy jokes, he dances, he belts out "Hey There Lonely Girl" in falsetto. He revels in red carpets, glitzy charity events and award shows.

In this case, however, it's so absurd that it's pointless for viewers to sigh about how it's contributing to the downfall of TV and/or humanity.

Instead, think of it an unintentional, low-budget "Bachelor" parody you never knew you needed -- it's a trainwreck and you can't look away.

She finished fourth on Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' season, and was briefly engaged to Josh Murray before calling it off in December 2016.

Robby was the runner-up on Jo Jo Fletcher's season.


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