Updating a status label

Thanks, Udi Goldstein Hi, Thanks for the quick answer, but it didn't work.

“This analysis adds to the robust body of clinical data supporting Zytiga as an important treatment option for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer,” the study's lead investigator, Charles Ryan, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Urology at the University of California, San Francisco, said in a news release The updated data showed that Zytiga plus prednisone significantly prolonged median overall survival (34.7 months), compared with placebo plus prednisone in patients (30.3 months), after a follow up of 49.2-months.How can I get access to that method from the other forms?Are there other ways to control the statusstrip in form1 from the other forms?# File: tk Simple Status class Status Bar(Frame): def __init__(self, master): Frame.__init__(self, master) self.label = Label(self, bd=1, relief=SUNKEN, anchor=W) self.label.pack(fill=X) def set(self, format, *args): self.label.config(text=format % args) self.label.update_idletasks() def clear(self): self.label.config(text="") self.label.update_idletasks() widget.At the cost of a somewhat awkward call to the frame widget's constructor, we've created a new kind of custom widget that can be treated as any other widget.Hi, I don't do anything with it, that's the problem. I get access to the method in it but it just won't write to the statusbar.


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