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Of course, nobody's perfect and on occasion people will make mistakes or be impolite. And I am not talking about the person who is overly sensitive.In this busy world today most of us don't have time to be overly sensitive and we don't TAKE the time to feel how we feel around a person, place or thing.In addition, you cannot invalidate objects that are served by an RTMP distribution.You can submit a specified number of invalidation paths each month for free. I wrote an article some time ago in my journal about empowerment in which I talk a lot about my death of spirit due to my husband's silent abuse, the almost deadly effect on me and what I did to regain my soul spirit. IT comes in many forms so you don't see or realize it.I am writing this because of the good response from my empowerment article. Invalidation is defined simply as rejection, ignoring, mocking, judging, diminishing someone's feelings. If you are very sick in the bedroom and your husband or family does not come in for 8 hours to check on you in your bedroom, that is invalidation. If you leave a voice message on the answer machine or text and the other person doesn't finish listening to the message or doesn't return the call if appropriate, that is invalidation.A replication agent on the AEM author instance sends a cache invalidation request to Dispatcher when a page is published.The request causes Dispatcher to eventually refresh the file in the cache as new content is published.

For more information about the charges for invalidation, see Paying for Object Invalidation.The log includes messages indicating requests coming from your publish server, similar to the following example: To invalidate (or flush) the Dispatcher cache without activating a page, you can issue an HTTP request to the dispatcher.Important You can invalidate most types of objects that are served by a web distribution, but you cannot invalidate media files in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format when you have enabled Smooth Streaming for the corresponding cache behavior.Such circumstances include: The dispatcher flush is controlled by a replication agent operating on the publish instance.However, the configuration is made on the authoring environment and then transferred by activating the agent: After configuring, when you activate a page from author to publish, this agent initiates a standard replication.You should create a dedicated user account for use with replication agents.


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