Toolstripstatuslabel not updating

Below are the Class Design Diagrams for each of the three forms used in the My Money application.

Only the components and methods we added are displayed; the database components are not.

Typically, a Status Strip control consists of class to find, add, or remove Tool Strip Status Label objects.

But, when I set after Timer_tick event, It dosen't show all. I then brought up a 2nd instance of VS2010 and copy-and-pasted your exact full status strip - including its child elements - into my project and onto the main Window whose current status strip label has the issue. When I ran that version of the program, the truncation within the Rad Label Element stopped. Any idea why it's necessary or why both/either adding a standard label or adding the Rad Label Element. I AM updating the Rad Label Element's Text fairly fast and furiously - probably a few hundred times over 8 or 9 seconds since the text tracks which folders in the Outlook Data file are being examined and each EMail's apparently COM interfaced object is being obtained from which to get the EMail's Subject, Author, etc.This application will present a checkbook register that you can use to record your income and expenses.Each entry in your register must be associated with a category.Each category is identified as either a credit category (income), or a debit category (expense).When you add an item to the register and select a category, the application will know if this entry is income or an expense based on the category.class represents the standard status bar that you see at the bottom of many application windows.


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