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NFL Network asked former player Shawn Merriman NFL Network asked former player Shawn Merriman to list his five most intimidating players in the league, and yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers resident superhero James Harrison is No. An interesting rundown has surfaced via Loudwire, presenting 10 most intimidating dudes in the world of rock and metal music. There are some NFL players that scare even other players.Every player in the league plays with intensity, but there are some guys who take it to a whole different level.We should not let the words or actions of these people bother us, We are who we are not who they think we are. Sometimes intimidating people come off as rude or even ‘evil’ for the way they react to things. This allows you to achieve success through any opportunities that you are willing to take. Those around them fail to see the kind person behind the tough exterior and it can cause issues from time to time. You always speak your mind and do not care who gets upset. I will try to put the "more intimidating" players closer to 1) Don't let his vivacious smile fool you, Rodney Harrison was one of the most ferocious players of his time.He made a name for himself after being drafted out of Western Illinois by the San Diego Chargers in 1994, but he'll mostly be remembered for his leadership and big-play ability on the New England Patriots' Super Bowl-winning clubs of the 2000s.

Quarterbacks try to intimidate opposing defenses with arm strength and precision, while middle linebackers go the more conventional route of intimidation by delivering crushing blows to running backs and wide receivers.

Feller used his velocity wisely, striking out 2,581 batters and posting a 266-162 record."Rapid Robert" once had his fastball clocked at 98.6 mph, which was officially the record until it was broken by Nolan Ryan.

Feller used his velocity wisely, striking out 2,581 batters and posting a 266-162 record.

Defensive players initially come to mind when we think of intimidation, but lightning-quick runners, stonewall offensive lineman, and deep-threat wideouts have just as easily struck fear into opponents throughout the years.

Because of the news-halting lockout, compiling lists has become commonplace this summer with the NFL Network's Top 100 players in the game today being the most discussed list.


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