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The company continues its development locally and has opened a new helicopter training centre in Stavanger.

In Norway for the defence market, the most advanced solutions delivered by industrial players have emerged from collaboration between the industry it self, the defence research establishment (FFI), and the Armed Forces.

Thales is one of the largest industrial centres of expertise for the development of mission critical systems and solutions in Norway.

With a history dating back 100 years, Thales in Norway now employs 220 people across three main sites.

East Torrens Baseball Club is a family friendly club promoting junior development programs as well as senior social baseball and is a “Responsible Service Of Alcohol” Club.

Please visit our contact page for a full list of contact details click here Go Redsox Attn: Life Members, Members, Players, Supporters and Parents.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or have any other business you would like added to the agenda please call Darian King (Vice President) on 0414 770 894.

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Meera (Lakshmi Menon), who passes by, takes pity and shells out almost five grands.

East Torrens Baseball Club (formerly known as Norwood Baseball Club) is one of the original SABL teams dating back to 1923.

Today East Torrens is located at Patterson Sportsground in Felixstowe and fields 7 junior teams and 7 senior teams as well as running an Aussie TBall competition on Friday nights.

This specimen consists of a partial skull, both humeri, a caudal vertebra and several osteoderms and was recovered in the Upper Member of the Two Medicine Formation, in Montana, which has been dated at approximately 74 million years.

The specimen is housed in the collection of the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.


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