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Qoros debuted the Qamfree engine with Free Valve technology in a concept car at the Beijing Motor Show, in April 2016.

Called ‘Qamfree’ in the Qoros application, Free Valve uses a pneumatic-hydraulic-electronic actuator to replace the traditional camshaft-based method of controlling valve operation in an internal combustion engine.

The best way to start exploring Live Free is to sign up for free.

Just by entering your email address and nick name, you’ll be on your way to checking out some of the hottest live performances on the internet.

Most probably you have already encountered “solutions” offering you free or cheap credits and accounts, however, we advise you to go the safe way.

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The truth is that by watching these fake videos, you will be bombarded with ads.

You don’t need to worry about any of the information you provide to Live Free – they have secure encryption on all of your details, which are only viewable to the site’s trained staff.

Any billing is done very discreetly, but we’ll talk more about that later!

Most hacker / credit generator sites have 2 aims that we know of.

First, to monetize users, to make the most money of their visits on the site; and second, to collect as much personal and sensitive information of the visitors as possible.


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