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Her explorations into the mind and body presented ideas on sexuality through her poetry and music.

The trance-like music that elicits a sense of deep wondering and connection with one’s self.Logemann, H N Alexander, Böcker, Koen B E, Deschamps, Peter K H, van Harten, Peter N, Koning, Jeroen, Kemner, Chantal, Logemann-Molnár, Zsófia & Kenemans, J Leon (2016). Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation, 47 (3), (pp. Van Den Boomen, Carlijn, Fahrenfort, Johannes J, Snijders, Tineke M & Kemner, Chantal (2015). Haloperidol 2 mg impairs inhibition but not visuospatial attention. Segmentation precedes face categorization under suboptimal conditions. Hessels, Roy S, Kemner, Chantal, van den Boomen, Carlijn & Hooge, Ignace T C (2015). Between 20 Chantal Kemner was appointed as a (part-time) full professor at Maastricht University, since then she is a full professor of Biological Developmental Psychology in Utrecht at the faculty of social sciences and since 2013 also at the UMCU. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45 (4), (pp. Hessels, Roy S, Cornelissen, Tim H W, Kemner, Chantal & Hooge, Ignace T C (2015). Chantal Kemner is program director of the Consortium Individual Development, a consortium of Dutch researchers that obtained the prestigious gravitation grant of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), program director of the Utrecht University Strategic Theme Dynamics of Youth, director of the YOUth cohort and director of the Child Research Center (Kinder Kennis Centrum Utrecht). Hessels, Roy S, Cornelissen, Tim H W, Hooge, Ignace T C & Kemner, Chantal (). Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).. Qualitative tests of remote eyetracker recovery and performance during head rotation. “My own transformative experience, backed up by extensive blood tests, and under the scrutiny of several physicians, found me with renewed vitality.


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